Piratenstreken of the Staff in Av, and the three children in a Promise For Later

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Staf Coppens, the craziest things are in store for Linn, (6, League), Lou (6 years old, Knokke-Heist, belgium), and Matthias (6 years), Antwerp, belgium), in a new episode of Promise For the future. The three children turn up tomorrow, Wednesday, april 8, at 20.35 on TV, make their first steps in the direction of Hollywood. The staff makes sure that they have a role to play in a new piratenfilm, which was later called ” The Pirate of the Staff, and The Irresistible Chocolate’ in the future. Prior to the director’s “action” call, the piraatjes the roles to divide. Who will play the role of the dangerous animal, with its high speed and high altitude? And you can give them to the Staff at the time to break free from the hands of the evil pirates?

“Linn, ” and in Front, have bins of energy and be able to get their hands hard to thuishouden. And because of that I have the risks, then I will take them all the way to the most expensive studios of the TV, which is that of The Voice. This is a special edition of the programme, we will play the game slightly differently. I’ve got a few friends were invited and with a very familiar ability. Curious to know if our children are to them can get clogged up between the three of neppers,” laughs Rod. Linn, her grandmother moesje’, which is a turkey, it will pretend to do. Lou will once again have to listen to those who are, grandfather, ‘pop’, that is, for him, it will tell you what they are tonight’s dinner. Mathias makes an appeal to ” Boom Boom Boom boom from the Vengaboys in order to uncover the swivel chair in his sister’s seat.