Willy Sommers’s eye-to-eye with The Mole

4b45cf7e845bb683a37b4465d200a223 - Willy Sommers's eye-to-eye with The Mole

Sunday night was Willy Sommers in ‘The Mole,’ at the FOUR shows. Willy Sommers was taken by the FOUR to get back and forth to Greece and fly to the contestants on “The Mole,” to let you find out how easy or difficult it is to get paparazzifotograaf-to-be. Now it was time for Willy to be also to perform, and he was, as it were, a party of which is the saboteur of the game taking part in. Willy Sommers knew for a month who is ‘The Mole,’ at least not in Greece, he noticed that the group has been seriously thinned out it was. But who is ‘The Mole,’ then, is it? To know that the singer is not pre-served, and Willy also draft a secrecy agreement has to be signed.