VRT uses a special ‘Come and go’

d4c411360c91ea9188623d6327924e36 - VRT uses a special 'Come and go'

It’s Woestijnvis are currently working on a special edition of Come and go. This is a human interestreeks at such a special and impactful coronaweken some of the trusted undertakers in the previous series, each in their own way, and the life we are living. As well as in the hospitals, and a severe battle will be fought in order to save lives, the pressure on the undertakers to. For them, it’s not a self-evident part of the prevailing afscheidsrituelen to adapt to it. Them now have funerals for everyone to be safe and coronaproof are. Not a warm hug or a hand shake, but in a last message with a video chat. Saying goodbye has never been so lonely.”

The necessary precautions shall Woestijnvis, are the cameras back on some of the undertakers set to go. The special report shows you from the top of the first row, and how she is now is the time to finding the right balance between social distancing and loss.

A Special Get-to-go: coming up on the One.