Van Bronckhorst: “In China, life back on track’

511ab1ffd190c7a6ad1cca499595a461 - Van Bronckhorst: "In China, life back on track'

Van Bronckhorst: “In China, life back on track’

06 april, 2020 08:23
06-04-20 08:23
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Giovanni van Bronckhorst will see that it is a public life in China on the way, now that the corona virus will be there for a large part of it is contained. The coach of China’s Guangzhou R&F will hope that this season may decide not to start, but in the meantime, with a worried look at the situation in Europe.

“First of all, my family and friends are concerned for me, here in China, and was told that I have to be careful to do. And now I’m worried about how this virus is in Europe’s economies. This is the world turned upside-down. In China, life back on track”, said Also on Monday, in a conversation with the AD.

The corona virus broke down in december, from Wuhan and has become known all over the world. The situation in China was for a long period of time is very troubling, but after weeks of lockdown seems to be the worst phase at the end. In the meantime, countries such as Italy, Spain, and the United States has a lot of problems with the COVID-19-the virus.