Tuesday night at The public prosecutor’s office

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In the third installment of The public prosecutor’s office to start attorney the Rest of the Gent of a case against a prostitute who is accidentally in her clients ‘ life. The man has passed away in her s & m basement from an overdose of procaine, a substance that dentists use, to numb. “The man is about 500 ml of the product as received. A dentist typically uses between 3 and 4 injections of 1.8 ml. It is almost natural to feel that a large amount of it dies,” says She. “Sometimes we say with the help of colleagues or even to each other, what could be wrong with a little bit of regular sex?”

In new jersey, is As a victim of the cases, but one case stands out: a 14-year-old girl to are likely to become victims of loverboys. “There are very serious issues, and that it is not. However, at the time, that it slows down, and you will be hard-hit, you would have a best-before date is reached. There have been cases in which I said: “now, that’s enough. But then, you can sleep there for a night, or drink a glass of whiskey and that’s about it.”

Public opinion is irritated, often to the punishment of criminals, but also for the public prosecutor’s office magistrate Eve, some of the sentences to be lenient: “I think that’s the punishment for zedenfeiten is too low. It’s a little frustrating at times if you punish to hear. There have been times where I have to double the progress of the suspected or accused person in the end. Then you think: am I so wrong to measure or is it fairly mellow this morning? It is always such a subjective judgment.”