They are the heroes of Here: it Points to an intensive care Jessa-hospital,

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The Tour at the Corona of the VTM and HLN, Sunday, over the whole of Flanders flew in, flew out on Sunday is also about the Articles in the Lievegem, and the company that, among other Heroes, Here: Points it makes. It was a message made out for the heroes, who they are now, for this program.

I have a new episode of Heroes, Here: Points. In flanders, it is clearly inspired by the ‘ look behind the scenes of the various health care professionals, health care professionals, and the experts at the coronacrisis. In today’s episode, it is shown how the departments of intensive care in hospitals, more and more complete start-to-lay. Hospitals are reaching slowly to their limit, and the serious lack of capacity, is just around the corner. In the meantime, crosses the whole of the country, the health care providers with a heart under the belt. Everywhere in Flanders, to hang white flags outside and will be there at 20h applauded.

At the Jessa hospital in Hasselt, the workers and the zorgverpleegkundigen at an alarming rate material and rock up to the COVID patients have to deal with that. The departments of intensive care, are also fill up, and the hospital builds operating and ontwaakruimtes in order to noodintensieves’. “We are now in a period of force majeure is the result of a lack of sealed boxes for the patients to deal with that. We have, therefore, sometimes, people will put two and two together, but there is no other way. We’ll have to row with the oars that we have,” said Dr. Like The Others, physician-anesthesiologist. Also, Marc Van Ranst, notes that the atmosphere in the hospitals is changing: “First of all, were patient with the little and now they come up with so many at the same time, Some hospitals are leaning very close to capacity, and everyone is nervous.”