The sale of newspapers plummets

7616361d407300b9e8a36ee0dde6d168 - The sale of newspapers plummets

We had earlier in the day about the declining sales of newspapers. Also, the papers do not escape, who fall in sales. The Latest News in 2018, good for an average sales 228.549 instances per day. There were, in 2019 will still only be 209.272 about it.

The Newspaper didn’t do a lot better, and the sales of the newspaper fell from 198.457 to 189.686 ones. Gazet Van Antwerpen newspaper to be sold in 2018, with an average of 70.527 instances, in 2019, that number is 65.745 quantity is determined. In the Interest of the province of Limburg made it better and better, in 2018, they sold an average of 78.645 pieces. One year later, they are still 76.895.

Also, the other papers see it as their quantities decrease. The total number of digital subscribers is increasing in most of the cases, however, the number of digital customers, the decline in the print-out is far from steep.