Popular magazines are getting hit hard

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The future of newspapers is cloudy. We have finally reached the sales figures of popular newspapers, to the address given. As with every year, we look at the figures of the Story, what is the need, at the Beginning, and the Television and Family.

Of the Day, All the Express has these figures included), in 2019, on average, 203.329 units sold in 2018, there were still 218.194 pieces. Copies to be sold in 2018, with 89.083 pieces, over the years, that the number of 86.256 pieces. The weekly Start has increased over the past few years, but it has to 2019 and a reduction in sales. Still, at the Beginning, with 123.575 copies of a hit song. The Story, in 2018, per week, on average, 51.849 pieces have been sold, in recent years, the sales 47.174 pieces. Finally, there is also another Tv in the Family. In 2018, from the roddelblad have 48.043 copies a week are sold, at present, there are still 41.731.