Fall of The Ldcs are from the elimination to the rescue

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The fireworks at the eliminatieproef, quite literally, in fact. The questions were given to the participants, Sunday evening, less questions, and then they get a gift from the Gilles De Coster: each candidate is allowed to individual has his or her screen with one view. Later, a additional game, where the candidates had to guess what the ” red screen got. The person would lose weight. However, this same person would be if the group is in the wrong and have the opportunity to be in the last part of the questions for the other saboteur to choose from.

And it’s done. Salim was a scapegoat of this startling turn of events in the game. Salim, who had earlier in the night, a green light was given, it fell off and must leave the game. With the ability to be “The Mole” to help the game in the next week to influence them. What methods do you use? That’s a big question mark.

For the fall Salim, was his departure would be a surprise. “I was thinking, personally, of course, is that I really was, because first of all, I have a green screen to me. You might think, then, of course, is that you’re doing well, and I had the second one with the red arrow, therefore, would not be expected. You must be aware, however, that it is more difficult for the person with the red screen is a huge advantage, but it was at that moment that really scared me. It is my hope that those of you who are in the red, the screen was 100% sure of his/her moles, and make it to the finals kicks in,” laughs the fall of this week.