The Fox will need a partner to leave New Zealand

b4911cc16bf6539cc01e502156b980a7 - The Fox will need a partner to leave New Zealand

Last week, we informed you all that The Fox, as a result of the corona is trapped in New Zealand. It was not a good prospect, but will most of The afternoon, back ‘home’. Sunday morning, told The Fox Radio station Radio 2, which she Thursday evening in New Zealand, and left New Zealand. In the heart of Doha (in Qatar) will take it Sunday morning, her fourth flight in the hope of Sunday afternoons at home in her zeteltje to the next.

“I’m getting ready to board for my final flight from Doha to Brussels, belgium. It has been since Thursday night, been a long flight and have been. I’ve had to-night an hour, or up to 12 at the airport, spend”, laughing, and Sabine’s Head. “It is very strange, even a little bit scary, because everything is left in. And then, in Doha, according to me, is one of the few airports that transitpassagiers as I passed. I’m anxious to get out this afternoon at the airport to meet him.”