Andy Peelman, return it to the police?

d37aaab8c0b4dbfb72d8e53cf4141424 - Andy Peelman, return it to the police?

Andy Peelman, it is officially still a career break. The actor in The Buurtpolitie it is, after all, in real life, working with the police, but there’s been a four year career break because of his work as an actor, a lot of the time. Andy likes to have options, like to be open for a return to the police force is certainly an option. “Why not?” says Andy, in the Beginning.

“I had a life in front of the tv, and have a life after that. I feel I’m definitely not too good to go back to the police station. I had a great job,” said Andy Peelman in the magazine.

On the other hand, there is the chance that they will be in a few years, just behind-the-scenes in the television world works. “I think that’s hugely exciting. We’ll see what happens,” says Andy Peelman at the Beginning of the. “I would like something with full enthusiasm, to do this.”