A new boost for Flemish music, with BNL!

5997762ae605698ef27342a2d2936a59 - A new boost for Flemish music, with BNL!

It was the last year of general practice : VBRO took the national radiolicentie for “the music of our own soil, and we had to wait until the drive is ready. On easter Monday, 13 april at 12: 00 a.m., then the time has come. After more than a year of preparation, sounds like there will soon be even more of a Belgian work, and in Dutch-language product available on the Flemish radio. In addition to the new chief executive officer, and Hugo Foets who has been in the planning and drawing of the company, there is adopted a new name : BNL.

Frederick Thomas, who, with VBRO and the license is in the house : “We’ve got to get on with the Hugo person in the head from having to have both the knowledge in the field of radio, has more than 25 years of experience in the music industry and the ropes of the eventbranche. When he got to us, and the plan for partnership of how we should sound, and we were all very excited. And let us, the flag, the BNL cover of the charge, because we do it for the music, both in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Steven Dujardin, a former director 4FM and to Be the One, it is one of the most experienced radiomensen by Foets in the house was : “I immediately said’ yes ‘ when Hugo and me, asked him for the position of Marketing Manager because it’s a challenge to go from a blank page to write a new story. If you, as we are, and as the only radio station in Flanders, the music of his own soil, and the Folk will help. It limits us, but at the same time, a unique unique selling point”.