The de Havilland launches new single

f6a4db62e5da8ae1f153d2670ad31822 - The de Havilland launches new single

At the University Psychiatric Centre of Kortenberg, speak, author, composer-Rudolf Hecke, professor Dirk De Wachter, spring 2015, to work together to create what is Rudolfs debut Wondenland is going to be.

In the room there will be a meeting-place. Nathalie Van den Meutter, who have work experience as a psychologist, will of Course be addressed. It’s the beginning of a special partnership. Of course it has a mountain of songs written and looking to the voice, to bring them to life. The songs will be re-published, and There might have been re-written. Songwriter and singer to give their collaboration a name. De Havilland, for the now 103-year old actress, Olivia, and according to the manufacturer, who contributed to the liberation from fascism. The duo launch a search for a suitable musical partners, and to find the Willem Heylen (Krankk), whose first creative guitar playing with the sound of the models, and Their Toddler, a backing singer and a flutist. It will be immediately recognized.

The single ‘Device’ still remains a silent witness to the full a musical journey, but ends up in the playlists of Radio 1 and Radio 2. The songs of Course are evolving, and controlled by, the soul within There’s a voice and it will be presented to the producer, and Simon Cassier (Balthazar). He listens to a lot of potential and with his production wings and a pair of singles, and gereleaset ” You ” and ” No more tendresse’ . Rich, melancholy songs, with the emphasis on melodies and the distinctive voice of Natalie. The band is now often with their support for This “Mona”, “The Antler King” and ” Kommil Foo to make an impression. They are at the Maanrock, Gentse Feesten, and the acoustic phases of a drop of chicken stock and Suikerrock. The music is by The de Havilland works well in combination with the spoken word. The band kicks off a tour with a variety of guests, and Dirk on The right, and Elvis Peeters-Herman Brusselmans, Johan Braeckman, Delphine Lecompte, Annelies Verbeke.