Gene Thomas will feel like a kid in a toy store

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The new season of for the Love of Music, this week is off to a flying start. In the meantime, followed up for more than a million people, and the one where the songs are from Karen Damen has been performed, accounting for a market share of 35% (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). Under the hashtag #playlocal will be in the next episode, on Monday, april 6, at 20.35 and again a lot of new hits to be unleashed. Then it’s time for Gene Thomas, his songs are available for lending to other artists, who have their own thing to it would be allowed to do so. in the Morning, the back is already lubricated with a special mixture. Gene, let others enjoy it with his morning routine: a spoon of Swedish Bitter’. “Our grandfather said that, that is good for your skin and digestive system as well as a grandfather, it is said, will be like that!”, said Gene. As for the covers, the artists are anything but bitter!

Gene had his major breakthrough in the 90’s, sensation the X-Session. Along with singer Gina Brondeel were different in the euro-dancehits”, and they were especially known for their powerful live performances. And, also, on his own, having scored a Gene in different area. With his wife, Kristel Verbeke K3 for the eyes, and he wrote his first solohit ‘For Her’. And you can liefdesnummer a better cover than lovers of Kato, and it’s The Starlings? It’s in a slightly different guise…

Also, in the winter, chose a song from the solo repertoire on the other. He did his version of ” Come a little Closer with Jake, Reese, and Olivia Trappeniers already loose in the world. In the winter took them by the way, for the first time in a Folk song. The song ended, meanwhile, is already at number 2 in the Ultratop 50 and is even ranked # 1 in the Flemish Ultratop 50.

Karen Damen is touching a raw nerve on one side, before she made her choice reveals,… “I think it’s really exciting to get to Gene to sing. We’ve known each other for over 20 years and I have never seen him singing and all, and certainly not to play him,” says Karen. Captured Karen’s heart, on the other, with her version of “Hold The Thief”? André Hazes records a hit single off the year of the dead: “I want to be you.” “I have to be more ‘in the Cockpit’ is ah, but you sing so incredibly high,” says Andre. He is able to get to the high notes on that match?