ab2a37114bd2143df11c9741673ed726 - COLOUR available on TV VLAANDEREN

Since the 1st of april, is the COLOUR of it, the public television channel to Dutch Speakers abroad, available via TV-VLAANDEREN. The station was a couple of years, and can be received via Hotbird. Since april, the channel from Hotbird to Astra 1.

The station COLOUR, particularly well-known by expats and tourists, is a television station in which the Dutch and Flemish public-service broadcasters, the NPO and the VRT is to work together. The station was, for some years, is available through the it’s, but moved from april 1 to go back to Astra 1, and will thus be available to the customers of TV VLAANDEREN.

“We are excited to bring that COLOUR back, and is available to our customers. The channel brings together a wonderful blend of Dutch and Flemish programmes, such as building Blocks, Everyday, for 100 days…“, says Christian Puper senior VP and Country manager for the Benelux, the M7. COLOUR, is a Free-To-Air channel, and therefore are not a part of the TV-VLAANDEREN subscription.