Who is pulling the power cord out of the big summer festivals?

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If the ladies and gentlemen of mayors, it would have had to have it, then they would see all of the biggest festivals in our country, and for a while it was banned. This is the mentality of the mayors of, among others, the Local, Blue, Werchter festival, Boom and Rumst, the following different media are talking about. The mayor may, Graspop Metal Meeting, Rock Werchter, and Festival do not forbid it, but they are far from warm at this year’s edition, to allow them to continue. Due to the corona is likely to be large enough that the foreigners with the virus in the country is introduced, and a new besmettingsgolf care.

It is up to the government to make decisions, but they don’t seem to eager to start months in advance of events to cancel the order. Our neighbors are allowed to festivals, to the 1st of June will not continue, we want to be, apparently, but two weeks of life. Not only the organizers, the visitors would like most of all, clarity about how the summer is going to look like. Now, among other things, the european Football CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games is not to continue, it seems that the probability is smaller that that of the big festivals will be cancelled. Not a single organizer has to jump out at the node itself, the line-up, however, slowly but surely, like the suppliers to be clear about their future.