Music suggestions for the weekend (part 1)

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Time for a new section on the Mixed Grill. Now, we would like to be on a Friday some musical tips for the week to pass. We will try to be a nice mix to be able to offer a variety of styles, both familiar and unfamiliar names. It can be clips or links to a stream.

We’ll start off with some sad music news, since this week’s two musical heroes have died. So, we have to take the time to take a moment to reflect on the music of Bill Withers, and Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne).

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

Fountains of Wayne – Sink to the Bottom

This week it has appeared in a number of stunning new clips of the artists we admire. We’ll kick it off with the amazing Moses Sumney. Its a great album, græ, a couple of weeks, and it’s full of music that is not in a box put. Cut to Me, it is one of the best songs on the album, and is now single, have been published. Sumney himself directed the accompanying music video, which is filled with symbolism.

At the end of may, there will be a new album from the brother Dieleman off. The first single to be released Jakobsladder give Tonnie Dieleman, a first taste. A common thread on the album, tells the story of john the Prentenknipper. In the 19th century, he moved in front of the houses in the province of Zeeland in order to be zelfgeknipte prints to sell. In a lot of houses in the province of Zeeland, there are still always some of his work. Tonnie Dieleman is for a while now, inspired by john Prentenknipper. Here is the break depends on, for example, a print of which is in the album Gloria), brother Dieleman hear it.

In the video of the Jakobsladder you can see the projection of the cut-outs of Tonnie Dieleman, in the style of john Prentenknipper. The text alludes to the Biblical story of Jacob, a theme that was to be seen in the work of john Prentenknipper.

This week is a new album by Thundercat released. It is one of the best bass players of the moment, but he’s also a bass line in a good song to put down. This is done with the musical guests, such as Kamasi Washington, Steve Lacy, and Childish Gambino. Check this album and be sure to listen! However, what we are dealing with, you would like to share an interview with music website Pitchfork, about the favorite music of Thundercat from the history of music.

Finally, a list of the albums that we have for this weekend and want to be together. We hope you enjoy it!