John Destadsbader gives a private concert at the residence

fe48ca9493cabcf79fe410309f02873b - John Destadsbader gives a private concert at the residence

In coronatijden takes the Radio 2 concerts by well-known Flemish artists of all homes with the Best of Neighbors for the various concerts. Over the past two weekends, enjoyed listeners with a live miniconcert on the other, Thomas, Willy Sommers, Stef Bos, Bart Käell, and many others. Bent Van Looy jumped in his pajamas at the piano, and Willy’s closed in the first living room concert, with the legendary “Let the sun shine in your heart” -noise.
This weekend is going to Radio 2 as a result of the musical action. More and Flemish artists, including John Destadsbader, She has A will, and Arne Vanhaecke – enter this weekend with a unique and the Best Neighbors living room concert. John Destadsbader wrote for the occasion, a number what is living on the earth today and will bring it from the living room, all with Radio 2 listeners. Kim Debrie is in the studio to re-host the service. Watch on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 14: 30 Radio 2 the app, download it on your smartphone or through an

On Saturday, april 4,
• She Has A & Daalman
• A neighbor
• John Destadsbader