Sandra Bekkari, encourages healthy eating in

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Healthy cooking with Sandra Bekkari & Foodbag Now, the corona virus of our (social) life on hold, it is important to keep the rhythm, keep it and find a new balance. Make sure to not only help others, mààr for yourself as well. Drink plenty of water, keep moving and eat a healthy diet. Foodbag to the rescue for maaltijdbox full of fresh ingredients and recipes for nutritious meals, for breakfast, worried. That’s two birds with one stone: you’re in your room, and your fridge is filled with it. We already have a healthy dish in accordance with the Language model and was developed by Sandra Bekkari. A delicious, whole-grain speltpasta with tomato sauce and anchovies, which is good for an instant summer vibe. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find it as hamsteraar all of the ingredients that are in your inventory and a fridge. For more info Foodbag .