Festival once again, the Best Festival in the world

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The International Dance Music Awards – the oscars of the music industry were this week awarded. Not in the physical and in the planned way, as part of the annual Miami Winter Music Conference, but for the sake of the coronamaatregelen online, and social media channels. In the category of ” Best male artist in the dance/electronic’ the award into Belgian dj and proud Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. In fact, it is not the first time that they are the “best performers” may be called. Also, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and they went to collect that prize. The International Dance Music Awards and have once again with a Belgian twist. Because in addition to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike was Either the re-pricing.

Each year, it collects in the top of the international music business, in the heart of Miami, Florida, for the prestigious Winter Music Conference (WMC). The presentation of the prestigious awards International Dance Music Awards which was scheduled on the 19th of march, but the festival was due to the outbreak of the corona virus is postponed to an unknown date.
The winners of the International Dance Music Awards this year, through social media channels. The Dj-duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for the fourth time, will be crowned “best artist”. And not only that, but they are, of course, is also still at the top of the world by the prestigious DJ MAG’s TOP 100.
Dimitri Vegas: “Cool. This is, again, a recognition. It’s a shame that the presentation on social media was to be done, but we of course all know the reason why. I’ve got a home in zelfquarantaine, of course, be a bottle, cracked it with my wife a few times to get the award, too. Also, Mike geskypet, of course. Miami was yesterday, right here in Shots.”