Els de Schepper is singing “Stay in your room’

30151cf3502b9baa6423145a5feaa69d - Els de Schepper is singing "Stay in your room'

Creative, multi-talented artist, Els de Schepper stays in her room, and it respects the health and safety afstandsregels around the corona virus when they go for a walk, and she is single for more than more than ever before. “It may sound strange, but in fact, I’m currently packed with video, installation, text, write, hold meetings, brainstorm ideas on the internet, and the contact with my followers, maintain the social media sites. More than ever, are going to be there for me in the digital world. I have, for example, in a couple of days for a video to learn to install. Last week, I received an e-mail to which a fan asked if a new version of my sing-along to ” Come out of the closet’. I was secretly already working on it (laughs). “Stay in your room” is, indeed, a huge oorwurm. A fun sing-along, but it’s one with the clear message that, in order for the action to respect, which is necessary if we are to all that is feline corona virus want to be out of the way. Love the sound, but also, as much as possible the light-hearted is my motto.”

How creative, Els de Schepper, which is evident in the way she deals with her painful neck and shoulders. “In the coronatijden, it is not possible to get them to go to the osteopath. I live alone and it is not an option for others to turn it off and try it out for yourself, you’ve had a smear at some tricky spots. Not to be self-evident, but it is with a spoon, a spatula, and wipe it off, I have a solution that will work. I have the clips as well as all of my other videos, it went viral, and the press to be viewed and shared. I do have a taste for it and will continue to be the case for my followers on the social media and some really cool movies and tell stories. You can count on it!”