Coronacrisis: even the christmas concerts will be cancelled

3d7d16b55fe90e313fcbfb939027053f - Coronacrisis: even the christmas concerts will be cancelled

Not a single Flemish artist in the next few weeks for a show, and it is no different. It’s not just the performances from this weekend’s and next month’s mass will be cancelled, some of the artists will have the effect of Corid to 19, and the rest of the year you feel like. And, unfortunately, not in a positive way.
A number of artists let us know that there are also shows for this summer and even the fall have been cancelled. Some of the organizers are throwing in the towel in the ring and feel it’s a big investment to make for a event to you. There are even a few christmas concerts will be cancelled.

According to the optimists, will have all of the coronacrisis you quickly up and running again, but a lot of families will be hard hit. Not only disease, but also to the men and women in the street and have less income to do it. As a result, there is less money to go to gigs and concerts to go to. It is, therefore, not illogical that the effects of Corid to 19 have a number of months and feel it will be.