Tame Impala will make a special mixture from The Slow Rush


For all those who are obliged to stay at home, but I prefer to go to a concert and were going to have Tame Impala’s something special and thought out. Frontman Kevin Parker has made a new mix for the new album, and it looks like you’re in a club.

In order to have the effect, it’s best to do it justice you need to have a headphone set-up. If you listen to the album, you can hear the sounds of the crowd, the applause, and other things that are at a concert to hear it. It is, of course, can’t come close to the original feel of a performance to watch and listen to, but it’s better than nothing. Much better, in fact.

The remarkable thing is that it’s not just another version of the album, with some sounds, it will be mixed, but Kevin Parker’s been thinking about this for. While you do not, you will have a number of fun things. As a short visit to the bar. Even if something like this where we have large numbers of long. Fortunately, there is still the comfort of good music.