Run it on a new dvd of FC De Kampioenen

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It is for the dvd F.C.De the Champions 4: Viva Boma’ for sale. Now that the cinemas have closed, you will no longer be in the 4th film of the same name by the Flemish series, go check it out. And how can you make the children happy and keep? And yes, FC is The Champion. With a little creativity, you can have the children on several occasions to entertain with this film. How often, say, Xavier’s word of the day? How many Marcske in the picture? Be creative when it comes to coronatijden, and to reward kids with snacks and ice-cream, if zji is the right answer to know where to find it. Over to the Showbiz Site, the Site in the last week, dozens of copies of ‘Viva Boma’ order, or on the death of Johnny Voners out what to do with it? I have no idea.