Pano: Make Sure To Get The Corona

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This is a crucial week in the fight against corona. We will keep a stand now, at the peak of the infection is approaching? As the Pano moves to the front, to the people who are closest to the proliferating the virus to come: nurses in a hospital full of corona, the patients, the staff of a residential care complex, and a self-thuisverpleger. How do they deal with the threat? How do we protect them? And, as a result, they are there for themselves the psychological pressure, to cope?

Lot Of the Wing’s head nurse in the Intensive Care service of the Sint-Trudo. This is a relatively small hospital in Sint-Truiden, belgium. Here, hit the corona-virus earlier than in the rest of Flanders. And it also will become more intense. The days are long and the work is hard. “But we are in a ho’, says She is proud to. ‘At the risk of his own life. However, we do oh, no bother’. Though it is mostly in the lonesome death of patients is a heavy one to bear. The family, not saying goodbye, except in a tablet, the nurse in her love: “The first death in the hospital, that’s what I did. I think the tears were as much my cheeks began to flood as the ontsmettingssproeisel the lijkzak. That’s not right.’

Fortunately, the hospital was well organized. And the nurses are all wrapped up and protected. That’s a lot different in a lot of residential care centres. As in St. Joseph’s cathedral in Assenede. Some of the older people are infected with the feline corona virus. The director’s office, and the nurses are doing their best, but to make sure, ” We do have aprons and the material, but it is not enough for a covid-patient relationship. As you can see on the screen what they are in the hospital are protected, I don’t think, however, that we still have a bit to little to secure that.’