Overmars particular, THE ” Why not public health?’

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Overmars particular, THE ” Why not public health?’

01 april, 2020 22:37
01-04-20 at 22:37
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Director of football cases for Marc Overmars from Ajax in particular, the Dutch fa (KNVB). He said that the Dutch football association and the Premier to immediately dismantle it, not to call on the union to listen to the season’s finish, despite the coronacrisis.

“Why is it that at this point, this is about money and not about public health? I had hoped that the BOARD as a stand-alone decision, but is instead hidden it behind the post,” says a distinctly Overmars on Wednesday at The newspaper.

The post held earlier, on the Wednesday there will be a conferencecall with the 55 national associations and invited them in with a clamp, in order for the competitions to be completed. The European football federation gave permission for the season to end in July, August or maybe even september.