Nick & Simon in the footsteps of Simon & Garfunkel

aaec7472f41c5a0f3bba0637c761d45a - Nick & Simon in the footsteps of Simon & Garfunkel

The new AVROTROS program, the Nick, Simon and Kees: Homeward Bound, a deposit of the friends in the life of the most popular sources of inspiration, Simon and Garfunkel. They have a road trip down to the city, where the musical careers of the ‘ 60s-the duo began in New York city. In a new role as documentary makers, they will let anyone be acquainted with of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. Because, in their opinion, the music of these legends are passed on from generation to generation, to be transferred. Nick, Simon and Kees: Homeward Bound, from the 2nd of april at 21: 30, to see at NPO 1.

During their extraordinary journey in New York city to meet with the Band three, with the photographer of one of the most influential album covers, and musicians on the albums and in concerts with Simon & Garfunkel playing. They also have a meeting with the supervisor of the world-famous Central Park concert. In this charity evening, where over 500,000 people have occurred, arranged in 1981 for a short-term reunion.

While Nick & Simon, their Simon & Garfunkel songs to occur at sites that are characteristic of the American duo, it’s done as a director is to capture moments. The timeless music of Simon & Garfunkel links still have the old and the young together.