Happy end-of-Harakiri in a Blind Buy?

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It’s the moment of truth for john, and the City has come. After the disappointment of the first home visit, they will be tomorrow, on Wednesday the 1st of april, ready for you to move in. All teems with the initial home visit, even after. Especially in the City it is difficult to see the potential of the property to see it. “It’s always tricky to deal with,” says John. “I’m keiblij, and I can see that the enthusiasm is not with the Historical parts.” Turn, Dina, and her team still have a smile on their face! And it is going to be their wet dream of a Japanese-style toilet in a performance?

Happy to see an interior designer Bart has a lot of potential in the property buying agent, Béa, for 390,000 euros and bought. But, Bart, knock, on the borders of the renovatiebudget of € 40,000. The needs of the couple, as well as it does not match up with reality, “The renovatiebudget is very limited to the many-square-meters of housing. I’m going to mainly focus on the living-room. The hall upstairs and in the bedrooms, there is virtually no budget. That is, it will probably be a disappointment for the City, but, hopefully, this story still has a happy ending.” Jan and Flo, it starts slowly slowly there will be no money for new stuff, and all of their interiors have to take the moving van to …

Béa has succeeded, eventually, in its almost impossible to make a home of more than 150,000 euros to buy a single mother of Davina and her son, Alex. They bought a house for 112.000 € in the heart of Kortrijk, belgium. But, what can I do to get in that price range? And with 38,000 ($renovatiebudget the house, to Bart, to the financial troubles.