Fakkeltheater to close its doors, up to and including may 31,

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The Fakkeltheater will be up to and including may 31, 2020, it shall remain closed. In the past few weeks and have been to countless shows in april and may of 2020, it would play it, has already been cancelled or moved. Due to the extension of the measures relating to the corona virus is the several parties impossible in their productions, and in time, as there are currently not rehearsing it.
Since the 13th of march of 2020, there will no longer be played in the Fakkeltheater, and the staff is currently, technically unemployed. The decision has to be closed at all times until the end of may, it is a hard decision to make, but, in view of the magnitude of the current crisis, it is the only one responsible.

Anyone who is in possession of a ticket will, in the course of the next few weeks, by e-mail or telephone will be contacted by the Fakkeltheater. The theater asks you to apply, not to themselves, to get in touch. Since there are more than 140 shows are cancelled or moved, the Fakkeltheater have to be patient.

Ticket holders will be free of charge is possible and, to a show of your choice, or a voucher provided to the value of the total amount of the tickets. The vouchers are valid indefinitely.