The new couple in Temptation Island

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Since one of the couple does not abide by the rules of the game has been able to keep up, and Temptation Island for them, so no relatietest and more turned out to be, it also meant the end of their adventure in the kingdom of Thailand. What they’re doing, or just don’t do it, you can see the episode on Friday. The following week, do They, and Later they entered into the Temptation in the Island, they go completely in accordance with the rules of the ultimate relatietest it.

Zach (24) & Shirley (31) in (ENG)
Zach & Shirley have lived there for one year. Zach was so serious, while the Later is more her distance, kept it and loved it on a Friend With Benefits, because of the age difference. Shirley is a 31-year-old, and has been the owner of a beauty salon, Zach is 24 years old and works as a logistics manager.
They both want to take the next step in their relationship and Temptation Island, is the ideal to test. They want to know where they are. He has been engaged,but it was found that she oddly went on. According to Sartre, are looking for They sometimes border on too long to a different dance. They want to know if They really have no fuckboy’s…

If they Desire the Island without a scratch, survive, let’s hope they get their wishes fulfilled, to see…

Temptation Island, and every Friday, in order to 20u35 FIVE