The Canvas brings in a special from Gentbrugge (belgium) is in coronatijden

61475c6ada4fdc894e1e431a6eef1194 - The Canvas brings in a special from Gentbrugge (belgium) is in coronatijden

Last year, he moved to tv-maker, Joris Hessels and his family to Gentbrugge (belgium). He has explored, often with the bike in his new home, he made friends with the inhabitants, accompanied them in their day to day activities. As we have seen in the acclaimed series, Gentbrugge (belgium) earlier this season.

But, as George well established, the coronacrisis in the public life of the lamb, in his popular Gentbrugge (belgium). It’s a bench in the park where he and his neighbors met up, it looks to be empty. How can it go from here?
For a one-off special from Gentbrugge (belgium) explained to George in the last week and have been listening to the people in his village. He aims, in both the virtual and from the comfort of a safe distance, for their concern in this coronatijden. And ask them if they are saved, whether they are to be healthy, not to be alone, and how they are comforted, and trust in each other.

Most of the people that he talked George through a video call. He called to Nancy, who in her kroostrijk family to see the development of the corona virus. She can see her grand-daughter would prefer not to, then that distance should be worth it.
Isn’t the only place George is hoping that his local radio station, “Radio George,” more listeners than ever before; the music softens the manners. A street educator, Jeroen reports on the coronacrisis means to be homeless. And Ahmet is in the home, that are technically out of work. Also, the mosque has been closed down.