On Tuesday The public prosecutor’s office

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On Tuesday, in episode 2 of The prosecution service, has the magistrate An of a long day in the courtroom in the city. It includes, among other things, a major federal court on the program. An stood up for yourself as a lawyer on the other side of the court: “I once had an experience that I have with the acquittal, asked for the man who, to me, to be very convincing about his innocence. There was a reason to be in doubt as to his guilt. The man was eventually acquitted of all charges, and was later come by to tell me that he had done so. And I had a very difficult time. That was the final trigger to step up to the bench.”

In Institutions get a magistrate Eve is a very complex dossier on the table, a little girl of 13 years, the police notified of the assault and battery by her father. The father denied it all, because, according to him, it is his daughter, due to her use of drugs has become completely unmanageable, has become.

In new jersey, the day begins to substitute Him with domestic violence: a husband and his wife have been severely beaten. “I don’t think a weekend goes by without a intrafamiliaal of violence,” according to Him.