Monday Topdokters

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Normally, it was this past Monday, in the latest episode of “Topdokers’ aired, but the good news is that the FOUR have an additional episode of the program.

The medical world is now, more than ever, it is on the edge of the corona virus. The spread of the virus is to go to almost all of Europe at this moment. And in the end is not in sight. In order to gain more insight and perspective to offer to send FOUR, therefore, tomorrow morning, on the 30th of march, Topdokters: solar Corona, which is a one-off special edition of the successful humaninterestreeks. In this special episode, to receive by Gilles De Coster four Topdokters, and they will break their heads on this one coronacrisis. Aangezichtschirurg prof Nasser Nadjmi, a general surgeon, dr. Réginald Moreels, geriatrician dr. Ann He and a pulmonologist, and dr. Eva Van Braeckel and discuss everything to do with COVID-19, and to exchange ideas about the future. Due to their training, there they are, suddenly, in the middle of the crisis, or to watch it, forced to feel helpless to. This is the new zero point is in the practice of medicine will leave no one indifferent.

How did the Topdokters the past few hectic weeks? No matter how hard we have it in Belgium to-hit? What the future has in store for the next few weeks, months, or even years? How is it that in other countries? What are the positive and / or negative impact on our present-day medicine, society, and ourselves? So, what can we learn from this? And what does this tell you about our vulnerability? These and many more burning questions, dish, Gilles, to have the experts in their respective fields.

Director Annick Bongers, “The impact of the feline corona virus is worldwide and immense. Each day there is new information available, thanks to the many of the news bulletins, but we will keep up with a lot of questions. In these extraordinary times, also keeps track of SBS, the finger closely on the pulse. With 7 seasons of Topdokters as well as a multitude of doctors we have an arsenal of medical knowledge to the board. And that knowledge is now, more than ever, it is useful. In this way, we can have a lot of much needed information on the virus in the living room to get it.”