Corona-crisis-makes for a puzzelkoorts

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The appointment is to overcome kluistert of the people in their homes, and as a result they are looking for alternatives to tv and streamingplatformen and the like, they are also a distraction for the kids. And that is in the puzzles and board games, as it turns out. “The number of orders for jigsaw puzzles, games and educational and creative toys, is a since the crisis, increased enormously”, says toy, Jumbo.

According to the NPD Market Overview ” Report to Belgium in January 2020, of the Us marketingonderzoeksbureau INSIDE, it was at the end of december 2019 at the latest though, growth amounted to + 13 % in the case of all of the puzzles, in Belgium, in relation to the whole of the sale by 2018.

Now, most of the people, by the Corona virus are required in order to have more time to spend at home, it is a trend to continue in the future. “People have a need for it to be anything other than a monitor, and are looking for a more mindful and a range of entertainment,” said Jesse Pijpers, marketing manager at Jumbo international. “You may, individually, do a puzzle, but will also together with your partner or your whole family, that is why it is a great group of people to be in demand. That’s what we see with our orders, which is huge increase.”

Strong growth in the busy, cartoon puzzles,
“At week 12, there was a sudden rise of as much as 438,5 % was measured in the online resale of all of the puzzles, and educational toys for the children. We can conclude from this is that there is a puzzle that the hype is created … The greatest strength we have in return to all the puzzles Jan van haasteren steps back, and it’s educational toys, I’m learning!”, going to Race any further.