VRT does support the Belgian music industry

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Support for Flemish artists and play their music. The call of the music industry, the VRT is not on deaf ears. On the contrary, after the past few weeks with their offer, all of opdreven, came up with for the VRT (flemish naval cipher areas of Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel and Klara, and also has a tv channel, One of the new programs and initiatives to promote the music of Flemish artists a lot of airplay to display. “The VRT will be as the driving force for the local music industry.”

“If the VRT, we have a strong partnership with the Flemish music industry. From a variety of angles to hear that we are now noodkreten,” says Gerrit Kerremans, general muziekcoördinator for the VRT. “In particular, the impact of the complete shutdown of the livecircuit you need: all of the performances to be cancelled, while a vital source of income for many artists. As a public service broadcaster, with a variety of naval cipher areas the VRT, the Flemish music industry, additional support, through their music, often playing in a different way. As authors, composers, and musicians generate more revenue from their rights. Our daily offering, we were a major supporter of the Flemish music industry. If it were more, ‘throttle’, for more music from Flanders-to-play, the Flemish artists of the extra oxygen that they have in these tough times, literally, need. It goes without saying that if the livesector start-up, we are in partnership with numerous festivals and music clubs, concerthuizen and the event organisers, more than ever, it will come true.”

The music is the driving force behind the radio, and with our naval cipher areas throughout the year, by the strong focus on music from here and know one Els Of de Sijpe, manager of VRT Radio. “Now the artists can make it difficult to get to shoot our radiocollega’s straight into the action in coming up with ideas and programs. The call for more music by the Flemish artists, to play, and they needed to be, but also a time to hear it. Each of the radionet has their own music profile and it’s all working together, we can have the whole of the Flemish music industry to support it.”

Radio Station Studio Brussel
In these times, wants to be a Studio in Brussels, more than ever, the Belgian artist’s. Therefore, the transmitter will listen to in order to go to Belgium to listen to music, and send a clear message with the hashtag #ikluisterbelgisch. In order that signal power at the transmitter, and this weekend (Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of march and the whole programme to the. All regular programs will be eliminated and give way to the music of our country.
Throughout the day, from 7: 00 to 19: 00, run by Rik De Bruycker, Nelles de Caluwé & Roos Van Acker only for Belgian productions as well. They are also the musicians themselves have to say. On Saturday night, zoom, Jeroen Delodder, in the dancescene. He invites, among others, The Subs, Joyhauser, and DJ Licious, from. On Sunday night, explains Thibault Christiaensen (the front man of Equal Idiots), the focus is on the gitaarbands. The #ikluisterbelgisch the weekend will conclude with Lefto, who pays close attention to all things hip-hop.
Studio Brussels-make this not a one-off statement. As of Monday, it is the morning of Michèle Cuvelier for an hour longer. Between 9.00 am and 10.00 in the running of Illustrations, but the Belgian works. In the program, the Café, the Quarantine was for the last few weeks is already quite a lot of Belgian artists with a livesessie from their living room. That will run for the next few weeks.

Radio 1
Next week, on Monday, 30 march at the Radio 1 is all about the music and artists of our Belpop Monday: the best of Belgian music. On Saturdays, it runs with the Belpop-broadcast from 13: 00 hrs to 15: 00 pm tradition continues.
Radio 1 is starting next week, taking it one step further: with the Belpop-Late Night (from 23: 00 to 24: 00 hrs) close to the station coronatijden each and every day of the week with music from local artists. In addition, local artists including, among others, Frank Vanderlinden, Tom Helsen, Joost Zweegers and Van Looy will also be a cover for ‘We will go’ by Ramses Shaffy is in the same program, and We will continue working on it.