The new season of Girl’s Late-Night launch on the 6th of april

The new season of Girl's Late-Night launch on the 6th of april

Girl, Late Night, as originally planned, simply start from the 6th of april. Do not be in quarantine, not in his villa in Oostduinkerke, on the Evanna at the MAS in Antwerp, The Latest News.

Of course, FOUR is not the only risk, and it will be in the new season of the Jones-Late Night smooth with no audience and no guests. As well as the technical staff for the recording will be reduced to a minimum. Under very strict conditions, a limited number of guests, and a visit to the boat.

No doubt find out, Gert Verhulst, and James Cooke, of a way to use our evenings to brighten up. And, if the measures change, it may have FOUR soon to be on the ball.