In search of true love, First Dates,

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The first is a Flemish-First-dates-opening One. Each and every week to learn the viewers to a diverse group of singles to know, and to search for true love. The nerves and jitters that come with a first date, are very, very familiar.
It is assisted by the permanent restaurantstaf learn how to help each other out during a romantic dinner get to know them and get them in their heart of hearts see it, in the hope that the spark is skipping. After their First date, decide whether to help or they want to meet for a second date. Shoot the Horse touch it… or he misses his target?

Luc (54) of Geraardsbergen (30th of march)
Luc is a charming man of 54 years old from Geraardsbergen. In daily life he works as an account manager. Luc seems to be quiet and reserved, but in his spare time, he goes completely wild on the technofeestjes and festivals. After a break up with an ex-partner and the loss of his job and went to Luc’s for a while through a tough time, but now he’s back and still looking for love. Perhaps he will find that his date, and the upbeat She was from the province of Limburg.

Ines (29) from bulgaria (30th of march)
Ines is a 29 year old from Antwerpen, belgium. With beautiful eyebrows and a sleek hairstyle that falls in the ruined buildings right on the step of the First dates restaurant. Ines and identifies herself as non-binary, which means that they do not feel at home in the booth, the man or woman and refers to himself as ‘that/their’. Falls in the ruined buildings on several different genderidentiteiten; the inner is more important than how a person identifies him or herself. Ines is a vegan and as an activist for issues such as sexual diversity and gender identity. Also, to date, Ashley is committed to gender equality and feminism. Like Ines, is She a vegan. Both of them hold in addition, it is also a challenge, so that’s already good.