The new season of the Chateau, Meiland FIVE

2de6014d97676054db41efa6185b23ea - The new season of the Chateau, Meiland FIVE

The long-awaited new season of the Chateau, Meiland is going to finally get started!

The family-Meiland has been broken, after two seasons of growing, working, dispense, and fine wines. It is therefore high time for a well-deserved break. One, Erica, True, little, Claire, and domestic help Nadège bags to a luxury resort for the ultimate in relaxvakantie in Tenerife, in order to make a point of hanging in for the occasion.
After the holidays, it’s time to get a full tank to start the work. There is plenty of work to do, now that the winter season is at its end and the season is again drawing near. Even though it is in the Chateau, the guests, and there still have a lot to be done. Of course, everything goes hand in hand with the appropriate bustle and the fun.

The Chateau, Meiland, from april 7, every Tuesday at 20.35 on the FIVE