The Flemish artists you might like “house concerts” at a Radio 2 app

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In coronatijden takes the Radio 2 concerts by well-known Flemish artists of all homes with the Best of Neighbors for the various concerts. With more than 25 000 Radio 2 listeners have enjoyed this past weekend with a live miniconcert by Willy Sommers, Gene Thomas, The Starlings, Bent Van Looy, Metejoor, and Sasha & Davy. In the field, the 2-the app came out over the weekend, more than 50,000 unique visitors, that is, along a 120 000 came to listen to and to watch. Bent Van Looy jumped in his pajamas at the piano, and Willy’s case, Saturday is the first home concert to a close with a “Let the sun shine in your heart” -noise.

This weekend is going to Radio 2 as a result of the musical action. More and Flemish artists, including This Grove of trees (live from South Africa!), Ibe and Bart Kaëll enter this weekend with a unique and the Best Neighbors living room concert. Kim Debrie is in the studio to re-host the service. Watch on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 14: 30 Radio 2 the app, download it on your smartphone or through an