There is no doubt the way of the government

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In some areas, the Netherlands is slower to respond to the coronacrisis, but on one level they are for, and even more. In the Netherlands, there is not a single event, and that is certainly till the 1 of June. There and know the organizers and where they are in the us, it is just guess work on what to do with the many events taking place this year it’s going to happen next. A lot of organizers, names, itself, and the decision to bring their event to the fall or even next year, to move others to make that decision again. What will the government do? Would that decision have fallen on it. And this, ladies and gentlemen and politicians before next week?) do? They will start with the current situation, with a couple of weeks to renew, or do they have the guts to make all the events for a much longer period of time to the announcement.

Not one of those who really want to, but common sense prevails. The coronacrisis can only be restrained by decisive action. It has been the past few months in various ways, to the lax response, as a consequence, the virus is easily spread it. Even though we are artists, and the entertainment industry to support it, it is not wise to use events to get to the start. And when it does come out, it remains to be seen which of the (expensive) measures, that is, organisers will have to take it.