#PlayLocal: the Support of the Belgian music quarantaineperiode

#PlayLocal: the Support of the Belgian music quarantaineperiode

Of social interaction are massively scaled back and social is the new norm. Belgian artists will be able to have a cheer to good use.

Due to the cancellation of the concerts and festivals, the delay of the release and the offer and the closing of record stores, it is firmly hacked in to the eco-system of the music industry. The physical sales of cd’s and vinyl to see the sadness to be reduced to practically zero.

In that sector, we would like to wish all our Belgian artists, to support them and it is a push in the right direction to give you. We are bringing a clear message to the #PlayLocal, and we invite everyone to join us for a Belgian tunes and listen to it, and the music industry to support it.

Now is the perfect time for new features to discover with the Belgian classics for a nostalgic chord to touch. Whatever format you choose, the vinyl, the cd, a download or via streaming, and all support is welcome.