Peter Decrem: Festivals, it will have to be postponed”

Peter Decrem: Festivals, it will have to be postponed"

Go to the big festivals such as Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Graspop Metal Meeting Festival, and a host of others, is it not? For the time being, and not a single organizer, a megafestival has already announced that their edition this year, is not expected to continue. The public opinion does not understand is that there is as yet no decision has been made, but according to an insider from the festival world were made, there are several reasons why the event would not be able to cancel it.

“The organisers will often have an insurance policy. If they have the event to call it off, the insurance will not be among them. If the government decides that the events will not be allowed to go on, then, to hope that the insurance money by the insurance company and may be by a country to recover from. Apart from that, it would be premature discharge may be too negative to be able to work. Imagine that, all of a sudden, however, the green light comes on, how are you going to be the you have to convince to come,” says an insider to the world of Showbiz to its users.