Jens Dendoncker and it belongs to the corona-at-risk

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Jens Dendoncker belongs to, in spite of his 29-year-old leefijd to the at-risk group, which is the feline corona virus is concerned. “My epilsepsie, and the medication I have to take it, I have less resistance than a person of my age,” said the comedian, at All. Just like everyone else is Normal, it’s all changed’. In his own words, he did lot of shows to cancel, but he feels it is financially much less than that of the self-employed that their business will close, or if this is an indefinite period of time thuiszitten. Jens Dendoncker is to be as alert as he can be. A snotneus, he puts himself in quarantine. Jens and his girlfriend, Lauren Versnick to come to their side, not any more, unless they have to go to the store to go to. And they also have strict guidelines to follow.

(Nico Vanaken)