Even now, the Daily cost of each day’s post with the modified transmissions

Even now, the Daily cost of each day's post with the modified transmissions

It’s been a bizarre time, and One wants to make sure all of his viewers, every day, to remain in place. Informative programs like The news Today, but it is also fun and relaxing, with sterkhouder happens all the time. The program is a ten-year period as a visual aid for the viewers at home, and in those weeks, there will be even more inspired by Jeroen Meus: more and more people now have the time to enjoy cooking and finding ideas in the Everyday living. There has been a sharp increase in the number of visitors and searches on the web In order to respond to this major question, One of the team on day to day costs are currently some of the new programs in a very special way: with an unmanned camera in the kitchen and Jeroen. For example, in a safe and responsible way, a new episode will be created that are more responsive to the current situation.

Jeroen Meus: “these are strange times right now. And that applies to the different areas and what changes each one of us. But there is something that we always continue to do the cooking. That is the purpose of the routine, then continue to do: continue to be an inspiration to people in their homes, even though the circumstances are different.

Jeroen makes a healthy recipe, dishes made with local ingredients, and dishes together with the children, to cook, to have a more social life with friends and family together to have fun. A few days ago, with the unmanned cameras are just a few of the new episodes are recorded, so as to be close to the actuality to be able to continue. Also, during the assembly of the episodes, it is, of course, take into account the health and safety regulations. This is a new episode of the Daily routine from Monday on, One has to see it.