Every one Of Mello: ‘kissing, I do not”

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The host of Each Of Mello, played in 2018, with the brush of the Kürt Rogiers in the Family. The 39-year-old in Each Of the Mello has a problem with the. Not really useful at this awful time…

In each Of the Mello reveals in the Beginning that they will always have to be dirty, it is a shopping basket which is already in use by hundreds and hundreds of people were touched for a while. Anti-bacterial hand gel should also not be allowed, and that she had always wanted to be in the house. Also, cash money is to find them, but it is a weird metric. “It’s not so bad, but it is also inconvenient, is it?” said Every one Of Mello in the Beginning.

A person with the fit, of course, be even better at this time. It is her washing machine is working overtime and that can also be used in a higher temperature range. But there is more to it: “I do not shake hands, give kisses, and love, all of us have enough distance,” sounds like it’s in Every one Of Mello which is in other words strictly with the regulations.