Emotions are running high on the Expedition, Robinson

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Nell and Kevin were able to enjoy the greater luxury of winnaarseiland. But when Nell is in for a tough event in the states was a hollow at Ruth, she, along with Kevin and the island council. Ruth is left alone to Winnaarseiland.

Strong friendships seem to be with the snap of your fingers and disappear
Nell has spent the last immuniteitsproef win, and it is, therefore, safe from the elimination. After the end of the Minute, Koen has had it. He feels betrayed by his kampgenoten, and even considered getting out of the Expedition, and to proceed any further. That is, with Thomas and Kevin to be in the Player vote, he did not see it coming at all. It seems that strong friendships are of the crack. The triumvirate, Ruth, Philip, John, there is no more. Know by now, Ruth, don’t.

But who will win the next immuniteitsproef, and should be Ruth’s going to join? And it is not the time for an englishman to get back home? They are, in fact, we are in the majority right now.