The Concert Hotel Lipa in the Stadium delayed

1d1020913ea0f71fa779fb2e6e794673 - The Concert Hotel Lipa in the Stadium delayed

For the fans of the well-Appointed Lipa to respond, disappointed, but understanding, to the new Hotel Lipa on may 2, forthcoming, will not be performing at the sports palace of Antwerp in belgium.
“Because of the precautions of the cultural events currently in use in different countries it is not allowed. The concert, Dua Lipa, which were originally scheduled for may 2 at the Arena, you will have to move,” notes promoter Live Nation. “We have been trying to find a new date for the concert. The safety and security of music artists, fans, and staff is our top priority and we will closely monitor the line. The Tickets will be valid for the new date. Ticket holders will be personal, by e-mail to be contacted,” says Live Nation.