Peter R. de Vries is, as the aso’s afgeschilderde the beach

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Peter R. de Vries is, as the aso’s afgeschilderde the beach

March 24, 2020 at 00:45
24-03-20 00:45
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Peter R. de Vries did on Monday night to let me know that he will find that there are less strong need to respond to people who, in spite of the coronamaatregelingen out. In accordance with the securities and exchange commission, it is “perhaps a kind of naiveté”.

On Monday, the government that additional measures be taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. One of them is that the people no longer have to be in groups in the street on the way. That’s what happened this past weekend and is still in force.

De Vries is not happy with the media coverage on the matter: “I have a point of view that we would be in two weeks have achieved, the country is almost flat, I objection, it is a little bit of that to people that walk on the beach want to go, or their kids go to the woods will be be portrayed as an apathetic asocial people.”