How do you find a house for 150,000 euros?

921e29c0ce59a8c467a6659e36b92868 - How do you find a house for 150,000 euros?

On Wednesday, march 25, set of seven desperate families of the brave, and most of all, expensive step into a new season Blind Buy. Last year, average house prices will only increase, and that’s what makes the search this didn’t exactly make things easier. If that is not the only reason for that is, these households will find it difficult to get their dream home and to find them. Like the single mum Davina prefer to have a house in Kortrijk (belgium) … for a mere 150,000 euros. However, it is her dream to be achieved with this budget?

Davina wants to return as quickly as possible stand on her own feet, along with her son Alex: “I have been living since a year or so ago with my parents to help save money, so that my child can be. Currently, I sleep in the attic, along with Alex and my sister.” With two or three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a garden are a must-have, but it’s not in the budget, a firm cannot let this go on.

Agent Béa: “that’s When I have the budget for Davina heard it, I nearly fell off my chair. I don’t even know whether it can be done. I have never purchased a home at that price, so that was quite a scare.”

The couple, joe and Flo’s, there is something very different: they have different visions when it comes to the purchase of a home. That discord was holding them over the past few years in an apartment, but it is Jan flung the money. They are in despair.