Brothers, Coppens, together, in a Promise for Later

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On Wednesday, march 25, to put Staff in Av, in the second episode, it looks Promising For Later on in the imagination of The (6-year – Zwevegem), Geraldine (a 6-year – Schiplaken), and Jack (the 5-year – Zwijndrecht (the netherlands) – quite literally – on its head. Together with brother Mathias, he ensures that the children will help you get through the sweets to eat them. The green candies to make sure that you have the same thing as Spider-Man,” according to the Staff. The children will believe their eyes when they are on the walls and on the ceiling to walk on. There is also a blue-and-yellow candies. “If you get a yellow, you eat, you will be strong enough to support the weight of 100 kg to be lifted,” says Rod. Mathias continued: “all Of the blue candies to be in your mind is very powerful. So great that you have telekinesis you can do it.”

Moreover, the Staff of the three children, again to the TV, where they have the dog have to hide from a security guard. Tell you, But, Geraldine and Jack to be fair to the security guard what’s going on? Additionally, the Staff in his own Staff, Lab marshmallow test, by which he means the self-discipline of the 5 – and 6-year-olds to the test. If the latter, it is up to the parents to keep their eyeballs that come along with it during the hands-on tests in the studio. So, Jack, is a song with a draaitelefoon, you must Provide a letter, send it in and have Geraldine as a VHS system.